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Date: Thu 30 May 1996 - 09:17:24 EEST

>My character an adept is trying to become an Arkat follower what dose he
>need to do and could any information be posted.

IMHO Arkat is many thing to many people and their are many facets to
his cult, Arkat represents the man (troll) who strives mindelessly and
fanatically against his direst enemy and in gaining victory destroys
all he once beleived in and is considered to have betrayed his
followers and himself in becoming the thing he himself hated. Ok, so
this sounds like the classic animal farm senario of throwing down
trynay to errect new tryants.

According to CoT (there may be newer sources but I am not that widely
read) Arkat acended to the hero plane after his victory. According to

the version of history we use he assended to the hero/god plane from
the summit of Arkats last tower in Dorastor (the last outpost of
order) leaving behind him an Iron Council to watch over the remains of
Fort Wrath and to ensure that Gibaji/Nylassor/Ralzakarak/Ragnalla
never returned. The classic way to join the cult, which we play can
only be worshiped as a sub-cult, you have to be a worshiper of one of
the cults which Arkat himself followed, is to jorney to the tower and
assend to the summit where Arkats stone, a peice of true stone bound
to the top of the tower and said to contain the mundane part of his
spirit lies. Here a prayer to Arkat must be raised and POW sacrificed
(ritual as apropriate to devotees own cult). If accepted the devotee
becomes a follower of whatever aspect of Arkat they desire to follow
and gain apropriate benefits. Howvere Arkat was illuminated during
his battles with Nylassor and so his devotees gain a chance of
illumination through his revealed wisdom -- this of course protects
them against retribution from their own cults who would be most upset
if they thought someone was showing an unhealthy interest in that
treacherous and deceitful scum (only the stupid would ask cult
permission to follow Arkat).

All is all playing an Arkatti can have its moments but cultists
should be almost as extreeme as the worst Zorak Zoran worshiper and
loyal and devoted as the most fanatical Humakti, etc.

Hope this confuses (we wouldn't want to help).



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