Old Praxians

From: Joerg Baumgartner (joe@toppoint.de)
Date: Thu 30 May 1996 - 20:50:00 EEST

Peter Metcalfe:
>>The beast people of Genert's Garden seem to have been a people of bestial,
>>but aware, followers of the Storm Bull. Look at the archetype "drunk Storm
>>Bull cum awakened mount" couple to get the idea how they lived back then.

>Well actually they were followers of the Great Bull. Storm Bull came
>later with the Theyalan Missionaries (IMO) and was still not widely
>known when the Broken Council met.

AFAIK, that's still a theory supported (among others) by me, not a known
fact. Now I want to appear non-heretic once, and get to argue about it...

Anyway, IMO most of the mammals would be reckoned as "storm" creatures in
that their corresponding totemic brothers among the humans turned Orlanthi
at some point.

>Umm, Joerg, if they rode beasts before Waha came along, why then did
>he need the Contests to see who would become intelligent and get to
>look after the loser?

Simple: the two-legs rode the four-legs, because as six-legs they were way
more effective. You don't need to be more intelligent to be the one sitting
on top, more frequently it is just a matter of physical strength. Baboon

children ride their mothers, too, both being roughly equally intelligent.

>I think the humans of Prax before the coming of Chaos were probably
>primitive hunters with a smattering of farmers (ancestors of the
>Oasis folk).

That hasn't changed much, really... Remember, though, that Foundchild was a
Godswar spirit/deity as much as was Waha of the Covenant. Quite likely they
were vegetarian before, or their preys' meat regrew after releasing the
beast. (Some of the hunter myths in Entekosiad go this way, much like Thor's
goat drawbeasts.)

>I don't think they interacted with the beasts except
>by hunting them.

No totemic relation to certain of them? I find this hard to believe,
especially in light of the various myths which are also interpreted as the
second invasion to Golden Age Prax.

>And Tada IIRC called for the sons of Storm Bull to
>help him according to ToTRM#14, not beast riders.

Ok. So, did the sons of Storm/the Great Bull looked in any way similar to
the depictions of the khans all over Tales 14? Did they collect the
corresponding herds and men, and made them their followers?

On a totally different matter:

Sandy chided me for leaving the family character of the digest. Actually, I
tried to avoid comments like the one I only hinted at... And I felt that it
was acceptable to describe depredations for depraved cultures, around here.
Has that changed?

I have to admit that, after reading my copy of Tales 14 today, I could have
answered that question myself.


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