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From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Thu 30 May 1996 - 20:59:48 EEST

Peter M.
>Joerg, if they rode beasts before Waha came along, why then did
>he need the Contests to see who would become intelligent and get to
>look after the loser?
I think the humans of Prax before the
coming of Chaos >were probably primitive hunters with a smattering
of farmers (ancestors of the
>Oasis folk). I don't think they interacted with the beasts except
>by hunting them.
        Here Peter imposes an unreal structure upon the Praxian
mythos. Godtime was non-sequential. Things could happened both
_before_ and _after_ other things. Cause-Effect could occur in

reverse order.
        There was never a time when the Praxians didn't ride their
beasts. And yet there was a time before they rode their beasts.

Comprehension of this is one step towards both RuneQuest Sight and
the Kralori insight, both of which grant a deeper (but not clearer)
understanding of the cosmos than Illumination.

        In any case, the Praxian ancestors were never farmers. The
Oasis folk are probably descendants of the Golden Age people and
dwelt in huge gardens, mansions, palaces, and floating cities.
"Farmers", indeed.

Sandy P.


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