Re: mermen; illumination; Arkat

From: David Dunham (
Date: Thu 30 May 1996 - 23:02:29 EEST

I like Jean Durupt's idea of mermen using underwater wagons. He also writes

> Fixed underwater dwelling might be used by air breathing mermen,
> but I lack ideas on how they transform stale air into fresh air.

Plants, I'm sure, since they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.

Chris Pearce wrote

> Would-be illuminates re-enact the initial
> journey taken by the first illuminate (Nysalor?).

Yelm became illuminated in Hell, so he probably qualifies as the first

David Ingram wrote

> According to CoT (there may be newer sources but I am not that widely
> read) Arkat acended to the hero plane after his victory.

He ruled Ralios for 75 years, according to Cults of Terror.

As I recall, the God Learners destroyed the Cult of Arkat because it was in
their way; one of its main missions was to protect the HeroQuest paths, and
the God Learners didn't want them protected.

BTW, some of the Rise of Ralios info that was posted makes reference to the
fact that the East Ralians have never forgiven Arkat, and use his name as a
swear word (instead of yelling, "God damn!" when you stub your toe, you
shout, "Arkat!").

Neil Smith wrote about Praxian butchery rituals. I'll bet, on the mundane
level, they cut up the animal on its back, using its skin to catch
everything, much as modern Mongols butcher sheep.


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