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Date: Fri 31 May 1996 - 02:22:02 EEST

David Ingram:

>According to CoT (there may be newer sources but I am not that widely
>read) Arkat acended to the hero plane after his victory. According to
>the version of history we use he assended to the hero/god plane from
>the summit of Arkats last tower in Dorastor (the last outpost of

Interesting. So who set up the Dark Empire in your version? Or was
there a time lapse between his ascending to the God Plane and the
death of Nysalor?

Nick Davison:

>Does anyone know anything about Aladjann (apologies if this mispelled but
>the name is overprinted on the map) which is sited between Vralos and Fonrit?

Afadjann is part of Fonrit and is very densely populated. All parts of
it and several surrounding shores are subject to the Jann (I don't know
what it was called before the Janns came to power). The Jann contests
with Golden Kareeshtu for Naval Dominance over the Southern Pamaltela
and is conquering Vralos. My RW model for Afadjann is Ottoman Turkey,
but they don't have firearms.

On a lighter note:

I have heard that the Jann has a special caste of White Slaves taken
from the farmlands of Vralos. They are schooled in fanatical devotion
to the Jann and are taught the various arts of marketing and so forth.
Once educated, they are charged with subverting the economy of foreign
nations and ensuring the wellbeing of Afadjann.

Everybody calls these slaves Jannissaries. }B-)

Joerg Baumgartner:

>Anyway, IMO most of the mammals would be reckoned as "storm" creatures in
>that their corresponding totemic brothers among the humans turned Orlanthi
>at some point.

Uh? Most of their totemic brothers are not Orlanthi and have never been.

Me>>if [the Old Praxians] rode beasts before Waha came along, why then
>>did he need the Contests to see who would become intelligent and get
>>to look after the loser?

>Simple: the two-legs rode the four-legs, because as six-legs they were way
>more effective. You don't need to be more intelligent to be the one sitting
>on top, more frequently it is just a matter of physical strength.

So why don't the Morokanth make the Herd men ride them? (It can't be a
matter of size - they could easily breed for pygmies).

>children ride their mothers, too, both being roughly equally intelligent.

Baboons do not ride their mothers over extended distances, nor are the
kiddies observed bearing lances nor fire bows and arrows at the leopard
his mother happens to be charging.

Me>>I don't think [the Old Praxians] interacted with the beasts except by
>>hunting them.

>No totemic relation to certain of them?

I was speaking of about whether they were hunter-gatherers or riders
not the finer points of the Old Praxian Religious lifestyle.

>I find this hard to believe, especially in light of the various myths
>which are also interpreted as the second invasion to Golden Age Prax.

New types of beasts wandered into Prax (from where I don't know - Genert's
Garden? Dragon Pass?). This drove out the Older Herds (of which one was
Goat). Volia! Invasion Myth!

Me>>And Tada IIRC called for the sons of Storm Bull to
>>help him according to ToTRM#14, not beast riders.

>Ok. So, did the sons of Storm/the Great Bull looked in any way similar to
>the depictions of the khans all over Tales 14? Did they collect the
>corresponding herds and men, and made them their followers?

Think Tarzan. When he summons the beasts of the wild by his ululations,
are there any men rounding up the beasts? No! The Alpha Male of the
Herd responds to the cry and the herd sets off in his aid. I think Tada
acted in a similar manner with the Sons of Storm Bull. The Alpha Male
of the Herd was the son of 'Storm Bull' IMO and had the appropiate magical
powers IMO. There is no need for humans and/or hsunchen herders.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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