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Some comments on Arkat, but first -

        I have come to realise that in the savage debate about the
Standfast spell, we all missed the obvious. There is no need for a new
spell to stop knockback or create a shield wall, there is a perfectly good
1 point spirit magic spell already.
        Yes, you can make your front line stand fast easily using a
generous application of Glue :-)

The big guy

>Howvere Arkat was illuminated during
>his battles with Nylassor and so his devotees gain a chance of
>illumination through his revealed wisdom --

        Arkat was illuminated very early in his career, possibly before he
even started to fight Nysalor (by the elves of Brithos).

>this of course protects
>them against retribution from their own cults who would be most upset
>if they thought someone was showing an unhealthy interest in that
>treacherous and deceitful scum (only the stupid would ask cult
>permission to follow Arkat).

        The trolls still think he is a great guy - he never betrayed them!
Which is no doubt why troll (or troll cult) Arkati are far more common.

>All is all playing an Arkatti can have its moments but cultists
>should be almost as extreeme as the worst Zorak Zoran worshiper and
>loyal and devoted as the most fanatical Humakti, etc.

        Arkat cultists vary almost as much as Arkat himself did. Some are
violent fanatics, some are loyal and devoted, some are thoughtful
philosophers, and some are chaos monsters. The Arkat cult as a whole - is
almost a contradiction in terms. The individual Arkat cults vary widely.


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