Turning men into beasts

From: Klaus Ole Kristiansen (klaus@diku.dk)
Date: Fri 31 May 1996 - 10:16:18 EEST

Sandy Petersen <sandyp@idgecko.idsoftware.com> wrote

>Someone (now I don't remember who) opined that he didn't think that
>the morocanth would normally turn a human's family members into
>herd men, just to blackmail him. It depends. The morocanth have more
>than one reason to turn folks into herd men. Sure, it takes a point
>of POW, but your typical morocanth generates at least that much in
>a year. When you consider that the total number of humans turned
>into herd men is far less than the total number of morocanth, it is
>no longer so unreasonable.

The typical morocanth does not cast one-use divine spells. The
relevant number is not the total number of morocanth, but the total
number of morocanth kahns. Kahns have other uses for their POW.
Better uses? Maybe.

Klaus O K


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