Elemental Weapons

From: Arkat@aol.com
Date: Fri 31 May 1996 - 17:06:38 EEST

Greetings fellow Gloranthaphiles!

My name is John Brown and I've been playing Runequest II for approximately 14
years when I was a sophomore in high school. Our gaming group has been
playing in the same campaign (with a year or two break here and there) during
that time during which a couple of us (including myself) have played the same

During that time, my character has undergone some major changes and has grown
quite significantly from the hack and slash adventurer he was at the
beginning of his career. I won't take up too much space with a description of
his exploits but I will say that in our campaign, my character recovered the
Windsword from Griffin Mountain several years ago and now would like to start
up a Spirit Cult whose purpose is to worship the Windsword and destroy Chaos.

I know that sounds pretty much like a hack and slash kind of thing to do but
check out what I've had to do so far. First I had to establish a clan of
potential worshippers in the Elder Wilds which means I can no longer run
around and adventure like a normal Windlord. I've got responsibilities to
fulfill now that keep me in one place pretty much. I must also be more
diplomatic in my situation because now I am the ruler of my own sovereign
lands and must deal with the folks in Balazar and the folks in Garsting to.
Dealing with the Trolls and Elves in the Elder Wilds is no treat either and I
can no longer just enforce my will on a few poor schlepps like I could when I
was just an adventurer. Now I actually have to deal with folks on a much
larger scale. Our game is now much more about the interplay of various
Gloranthan societies than it is about a few individuals. I find the game to
be much more rewarding now.

My question to you folks is: Has anyone else out there started a Cult of the
Windsword out there? I have written mine up for the most part but I would
like to see some other folks' ideas so that I could maybe flesh mine out or
gain some insight on what else it should be about.

My other question is this: In Griffin Mountain, there is a mention of five
elemental weapons having been created to battle chaos. Has anyone besides me
decided what they are and what their histories might be? If you have, send me
what you've found or decided and I'll send you what I have on the five
elemental weapons. If anyone else is interested in hearing my histories, just
say so and I'll post them here on the digest.

Thanks a lot.

John B. Brown, Jr.

P.S. also if the five elemantal weapons in your game exist, do they have
their own cults as well? which ones? what are they like? send writeups?


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