Stochastic history?

Date: Fri 31 May 1996 - 19:08:45 EEST

Sandy P. writes that "history is a stochastic process." Well, some of
the statistics involved are predictable -- such as language separation
over time, or as I pointed out recently, genetic analysis of populations,
which demonstrates in Europe the Neolithic development of agriculture,
the Finno-Ugric culture, the Indo-European expansion, the Greek expansion,
and the Basque "implosion," especially when linguistic and archeological
analysis correlates so nicely with genetic evidence.
But, by the rules of quantum mechanics, there as many alternate pasts to
the present as their are futures to the present. However, Sandy, I
didn't think our physics applied to Glorantha? The randomness of
Glorantha seems to be in subjective interpretations affecting reality
rather than in the mathematical nature of reality -- or is Glorantha
just another Copenhagen universe?
Jim Chapin


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