Speed and chases

From: nam@sharpwa.com
Date: Fri 31 May 1996 - 19:10:36 EEST

Greetings to RQ-Rules and Glorantha list.
I am crossposting becuase these could be a rules or glorantha type
questions. mostly rules i guess.. But I would like input on the situation.

I have this situation. The players (Bison Riders) are being harassed by
Sable riders. The players are acting as the advance scouts for the tribe.
The tribe is on the move from the Block to the wastes. Currently still in
Prax on the way to Pavis. 2-3 days away from the Block.

Bisons move is 8 the Sables are 9.

1. What is the maximun running speed for both animals.?

2. what effect does dex have on total speed. ?
    I have been using the following formula to determin max speeds
    (10-(Dex SR)) x (Move) = max combat speed/round (x2 for running)
    The Sables Dex(3d6) is a bit higher than the bison.(2d6).

2. Can the bison ever catch the sables assuming a standing start. ?

3. does the bison have more stamina ?based on size+con for endurance.

4. I have also assumed that the bison does not have as good acceleration as
    the sable. true??

5. How does RQ4 handle the movement for Bipedal and Quadrepedal critters?

6. How far can a large tribe of bison travel in a day?

Nick Marcelja
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