Re: Humakt Gifts & Geases

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Fri 31 May 1996 - 20:23:12 EEST

Joe Troxell

>Under the list of Humakti gifts and gaeses in the Cults Book,
there is the
>gift "raise a raisable characteristic 1 point" with the
accompanying geas
>"pay double tithing. if taken again, pay triple, etc." However,
>are only supposed to have 1 gift and geas. But, only a Sword
could take the
>gift multiple times, but a Sword is already giving 90% of income.
        An initiate can take an extra geas and gift if he is
favored by the temple because of some great deed, a long term of
loyal service, etc. And he can take a third, a fourth, etc. Probably
a fourth or more of Humakti have two geases. A third geas is
exceptional, and not every temple can boast a four-geas man.
        Swords & Tithing. Humakti, unlike most cults, pay their
tithing out of whatever cash they have on hand during their Holy
Day. A Sword pays 90% of his current cash not just on the Holy days,
but on another day each season as well. Or on three days, etc.

Sandy P.


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