Re: Cthulhu vs. Glorantha

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Fri 31 May 1996 - 20:35:24 EEST

D. McNamara asks real important questions that I am forced to answer

>1. Can great cthulhu whip 'the mother of all monsters' butt in a
fisticuffs >combat?
        Of course. She's just a big monster, and he is the high
priest of a thousand thousand Starspawn, plus untold millions of
Deep Ones. But probably the outcome of the contest would be a
titanic struggle after which Cthulhu would return to the deep and
Mom would give birth to the Worst Chaos Monster Ever. (Happy
Father's Day!)

>After all, in Dorastor there is the suggestion that a hunting
horror, for >example, could be flapping about the land of doom. (but
is it a chaos demon >that coincidentally resembles a hunting
horror, or a real-live objective >hunting horror?)
        It's a real-life hunting horror of course -- a prime
characteristic of Cthulhu monsters is that they can travel between
dimensions. Why not to Glorantha?

>Also, one of cthulhu'd deadliest and meanest physical attacks is 'grab
>1d4 investigators' with his wibbly mouth tentacles. If the mother
of all
>monsters could be counted as an 'investigator,' (erm..investigating
>pamaltela?) could be grab it and stuff all of it in his mouth?

>2. If the Crimson Bat and great cthulhu bumped into each other while
>checking out the hero plane, and decided to have a tentacle wrestling
>contest, who would win?
        Cthulhu, because he can change his shape and put his whole
body mass into just his tentacles (essentially dissolving into a big
mass of green gelatinous spaghetti), plus if the bat pulls too hard
Cthulhu can just snap his tentacle in half and reform.

>3. Carl stanford (of 'hermetic order of silver twilight fame') and
>think it would be fun to summon the most gruesome thing that they can
>think of. Who would summon the most hideous thing imaginable?
        I think they might well summon each other, and get stuck in
a time-loop.

>4. Does anyone remember 'snake pipe hollow?' Could 'the man from DOOM'
>clear it out by himself? Surely the blue ghost is tougher than any
wussy old
        It depends on which weapons you allow poor ol' Blastowicz
(that's his name) to carry. If we decide to keep it tech-low,
because it's Glorantha, then all he gets is his Thunder Punch (I
figure he can have his berserker pack). It would be a tough go.

>5. Has zzabur read the necronomicon? (or indeed, is he abdul alhazred?)
        It's clear to me after reading this question that, in fact,
Zzabur _is_ Abd al-Hazrad. Uncle Abdul, when he was supposedly rent
to pieces by an invisible horror, obviously was transported to
Glorantha, where he became head wizard of the Brithini. This is as
clear to me as John Carter = the Pharaoh.

>6. If Tsathoggua went on a heroquest, what would he do?
        Create a throne big enough for him to sit on that is also a

>7. BIG Gorp vs. Shoggoth. What happens? Do they mutually combine?
        They swirl around for a while in a big mass, and then they
turn into The Blob. Without Steve McQueen you don't have a chance.


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