Re: bison vs. Sable

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Fri 31 May 1996 - 22:48:33 EEST

>1. What is the maximun running speed for both animals.?
        Bison: 8*2 = 16; Sable 9*2 = 18

>2. what effect does dex have on total speed?
        The animal with the earlier DEX begins running sooner. Once
they're running, I'm not sure DEX would matter except to avoid

>2. Can the bison ever catch the sables assuming a standing start?
        Yes, but not very often. Real sables are faster than bison, too.

>3. does the bison have more stamina?
        Yes. Eventually, if the sables can't lose the bisons, they
will get tired and forced to turn and fight.

>4. I have also assumed that the bison does not have as good
acceleration as
>the sable. true??
        Yes -- this is seen by their respective DEXes, but if you
wanted to get picky, the mass of the bison is so much greater than a
sable that it has a strong effect, too. (Partly simulated in RQ by
the lower DEX.)

>5. How does RQ4 handle the movement for Bipedal and Quadrepedal
        I don't know or care. But when I designed the movement rate
for various Gloranthan creatures, I did it by figuring out their
speed and reducing it simplistically to meters/round. So a sable
moves 9 because that is the relative speed between a sable running
all-out and a man doing the same (i.e., the sable runs about three
times as fast -- 45-50 mph as opposed to 15 mph or so.)

>6. How far can a large tribe of bison travel in a day?
        Depends on the season.


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