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From: Simon
Date: Thu 05 Mar 1998 - 23:14:00 EET

RE: Copy of: Morokanth Madness.

Hello all,
 I was glad to here some discussion about the Morokanth nation. Some ideas and
1) Morokanth martial arts? In the Gloranthan Bestiary we are told that the
Morokanth have developed an unarmed combat technique just like the Kraloreans
and Pelorians(??). It doesn't feel right (hell nor does the martial arts system
in general)
 I think that their claw attack is already deadly!!

2) Does anyone know anything about the Morokanth Thumbs Hero path? Greg once
told me it was a very minor quest, but bloody hard to accomplish. Oh yes and it
was different(??)

3) I think it is morokanths nocturnal nature that has lead them to be associated
with darkness. Because they can dwell in the darkness they have come into
contact with spirits of the element and have taken them as guides and allies.
When the great darkness was upon the plains and the giants had all gone, and
Waha was tricking them, perhaps darkness was a good friend. The prime Praxian
darkness spirit is Night Woman who is described in TotRM #14 as being benevolent
and a good friend to the Morokanth.
4) I portray Morokanth as the Praxian villain, they are perceived as dark
creatures, that brood on the edge of the Praxian norm. They are a living
reminder to the Beast Riders of the Covenant and the frail nature of their
existence in the plains. (How near each man is to being an animal or food).
Morokanth live where Beast riders do not like to tread, upon the fringes of
Dagori Inkarth, along the blighted coastal cliffs and verminous marshes. However
this role makes them a part of the culture.(and if you don't like it they either
wipe your brain and eat you, or karate you with a claw!)

5) My Morokanth use hyenas as others use dogs. (Nocturnal, trickster like, keeps
away unwanted Issaries traders, scare the shit out of my PC'S)

Simon Bray.
P.S My favourite image of Ducks is the two portrayed in GW RQ III Monsters book,
I showed them to my players when they each joined our group, and they never once
imagined a duruluz as Donald.


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