Mid-Winter Holy Days and a query

From: Paul Edson (wespee@erols.com)
Date: Fri 26 Jul 1996 - 03:04:37 EEST

Regarding Mark's interesting thoughts about the possible oppositional
nature of cult rituals:

Seems to me that if we look at RW examples, they support Mark's
contentions rather well. For the agriculturaly based "pagan"
religions, the midwinter festivals were/are a time of lighting
bonfires and Singing Really Loud, to speed the Sun back from his
sleep/death/torpor. In the midst of winter, it is not the necessary
fallowness of the fields which is generally celebrated, but the
coming return of warmth and light. (Because that previous statement

is hopelessly general, it is necessarily false in any number of
specific cases, but the gist, I believe, is sound.)

The QUERY: Where, both geographically and reference-wise, does one
find Firshala? Sounds interesting, but I can't find her in any of the

stuff I have... (I know, you find her on the God Plane...)

Thanks, Paul.
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Paul Edson


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