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>Are there any Republics on Glorantha?

        Not in the modern sense. There is the Thellini Republic,
located at the extreme tip of the North Arm islands (the archipelago
extending north and east from the NE corner of the East Isles, pretty
much directly east of Vormain). The Thellini Republic is rather
similar to Plato's Republic, but sadly not identical. Greg Fried has
heaps of information on this place, which is one of the major power
groups of the East Isles.

        There is a republic-like Unity in Fonrit. Various cities and
city states are run by councils, such as Pavis before the Lunars
came. However, these aren't democracies, in that the guild rulers and
council heads aren't elected officials, though they must answer to
their constituency.

Now, in my long-standing tradition of wandering afar off the point, I
present a list of the various groups contending for mastery in the
East Isles.


HARAGALA -- an island ruled by a council of ship captains which has
organized a loose trading empire. The Dragon's Eye, a cluster of four
dragonewt-inhabited isles, is somehow associated with them. The
dragonewt raiders do not attack ships which fly the Haragalan banner.
It is unclear whether the Haragalans have made an alliance with the
dragonewts, or just taken advantage of this quirk in their behavior.

GOLDEN MOKATO -- the island which once ruled all the area, but
voluntarily gave up its dominion to escape the castatrophes which
devoured other Second Age empires. The Mokatans are now restricted to
their home island, and must work solely through agents. (Secret: they
plot constantly and subtly to regain their control.)

THE RATUKI -- Shark-hsunchen who have no permanent island of their
own. They cruise throughout the Isles, pillaging and looting.
However, since the end of the Doldrums (the Closing's manifestation
here) they have been occupying islands, installing governors, and
gradually building a slave empire of their own. The Ratuki are
accompanied by ordinary human pirates, who are like their
"pilot-fish", scouts, and scavengers. These scum are more often
encountered than the terrifying Ratuki themselves.

        The Ratuki home is a Leviathan, a colossal sea-monster on
which their town is built. This monster is accompanied by a mass of
sharks that constantly badger it, snapping at its flanks to steer it,
and chewing into its belly blubber to keep it at the surface (lest
the town be submerged). Thus, the Ratuki Isle is followed by a huge
slick of blood and fat floating atop the water. Hardly anyone has
seen this horror.

THELLINI REPUBLIC -- a large, rich, and powerful island, they regard
their institutions as logical and perfect, and furthermore are
missionary-oriented; they fully expect to spread the benefits of it
throughout the world. First, however, they are faced with some real
problems. Mainly the Vorumai.

VALKARIAN COALITION -- a group of islands ruled by a High
Sorcerer-Priest (the current HSP is a puppet of the Talking Council,
ostensibly his advisors). They are technically Malkioni, but two of
their tenets are rather interesting:

        1) they have but three castes, corresponding to peasant,
knight, and wizard. The wizards are also the rulers. Technically, the
HSP is a separate category all by himself, so could be considered
their only Noble caste representative.

        2) they believe that spirits and gods can be converted to
Malkionism. As proof, they have converted the gods of the islands
within the Coalition, and now treat these gods as fine Saints,
devoted to the Invisible God.

        3) they believe the "extogallia" (intelligent sea life) are
intractably opposed to all that is good.

THE EMPIRE OF VORMAIN -- the new Vormain empire, currently quite
imperialist. This expansion is rather erratic, as different noble
families have been assigned different directions of expansion. Thus,
the Hairun family is trying to conquer the North Arm, and are the
main foes of the Thellini. The Surabaya and Jayangar families are
foes of the Valkarian Coalition, which is just south of Formain.

Sandy p.


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