Sakkars & other critters

From: Carlson, Pam (
Date: Wed 28 Aug 1996 - 22:09:00 EEST

Thanks, Peter, for reminding me that a Sakkar was a sabre-tooth-type
beastie. (I had forgotten.)

There's a theory that Smilodons and their kin lived mostly off the large
mammals of the Pleistoscene, and their demise was linked to the decline
of the large mammals. They were better at leaping on bison and stabbing
with their teeth than they were at stalking hares.

If this is so, then sakkars likely prefer large prey, too. This would
make them especially bothersome/fearsome to humans, who tend to keep
large prey animals too. (cattle, horses, sheep.) They would be worse to
live with than mountain lions or wolves, who actually to eat more mice
and rabbits than deer and cattle.

Thanks, too, for the input on badgers, otters, and fierce Yinkini
alynxes of Farpoint. I can now understand how they would out compete
other feline predators. (But I still think otters should be hunted for
their fur in the winter.) But gee - no wolverines? Farpoint sounds
like just the spot for them! Or maybe, like everything truely fierce -
they live in Pent?;-)

(Do you have wolverines in Scandinavia?)



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