Specific Cradle Questions, Zola Fel Q's

From: Harry Bowman (hbowman@Morgan.EDU)
Date: Thu 12 Sep 1996 - 16:58:38 EEST

Hello, me again

I understand about the copyright issue and out-of-printness, and mainly
misphrased my questions. Thanks to those who responded.

Here are my specific questions about the Cradle:

1. Why is the Cradle full of magical treasure?
2. Why does it have defenses?
3. Where did it come from?
4. Why didn't upstream folks stop it?
5. What are the exact conditions when it goes downstream? What time of
year and time of day does the scenario begin? Do folks on the shore
notice the cradle?
6. Who participates in intercepting the cradle or in aiding its
downstream journey?
7. What are the results of this trip in Prax: Is it big news for
weeks? What is the political fallout? (This is especially important).

Some more questions:

1. It is Storm Season 1622. Who is in control of 1) Esrolia, 2) Karse,
3) Heortland. I can't piece it all together.

2. When does Tatius' failed military move take place (G:CotHW)?

3. When does Sor Eel get replaced, and why?

4. The source of the Zola Fel is the Leaping Place Falls. A small
congregation remains there, and the Temple Barge travels to the Falls for
Sacred Time. My PC's and I turned a blind eye to this, but I decided to
pinpoint the location. It appears on a map in the Troll Pack. My eyes
just about bugged out: The Falls are deep in troll territory and in a
forest that has an elf population. Is there anything printed about
the relationship between the Zola Fel folks, the trolls and the elves
along the route? I find it difficult to believe that the relatively
combat light ZF's would have an easy time in troll territory, year after
year, without a formal arrangement.

5. Finally, one of the SiP scenarios has the PC's chopping down trees in
the Desolation Hills, presumably close to the river. Since the scenario
does not mention elf interference (true? I don't have it in front of me),
can one presume that the author's intent was
a) the trees in question are not in elf territory, or
b) the elves don't mind _too_ much if some trees get cut?


Hal Bowman hbowman@morgan.edu

PS: I tried to interest my players in a western campaign, set in
Pithdaros, so I could make some productive use of material fleshing that
place out (and to share here), but they all voted against playing in
Seshnela. Have others had the same experience?

PPS: My PC's are returning home from a trip
[Part of the Reckless Run]-Notchet-Corflu. Thanks for all the Vadeli info.
Does this trip count as a "Circumnavigation Quest" or is that riding
around the outside of the world. If it is the Quest, what should have
happened? What are the effects?


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