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Harry Bowman:

Asks about the Cradle:

It is a Giant Cradle for a Giant Child (not the ones presented in the
RQ3 book - she is related to Gonn Orta's people). It is full of magic
treasure because they treasures are _toys_ for the Giant Child to play
with. It is defended because the Child's parents don't want evil men
stealing them.

The Cradle comes from Giantland where Gonn Orta and the other Old
Giants live. Giantland lies beyond Door Mountain (in the Rockwoods,
it's on the Trollpak map) and actually lies on the Heroplane or is
Magically Huge so it supports large numbers of Giants. Only the
Braindead adventure there.

There's no conditions that the Crdale goes downstream, it merely
occurs after 1621 ST. Everybody knows about the Cradle when it
appears. The River people seek to ensure it reaches Corflu safely
because they have made ancient pacts with the Giants. The Lunars
(or rather Sor-Eel) seek to plunder it with their entire forces as
did the God Learners and the Pavisites before them. Sun County is
allied to the lunars and uses their Harpoon. Garrath is opposed to
the Lunars (merely because they are Lunars?) and the Trolls are
also opposed for reasons I can't recall.

As for the fallout of the Cradle, it's given in KoS (Argrath of
Pavis). Sor-Eel actually survives the debacle but anything goes

>1. It is Storm Season 1622. Who is in control of 1) Esrolia, 2) Karse,
>3) Heortland. I can't piece it all together.

Esrolia is rent by Civil War. Currently the Red Earth Faction (who
are lunar lovers) has the upper hand as they are supported by Grazer
mercenaries (sent by Tactius the Bright). Karse and Heortland are
also under lunar control.

>2. When does Tatius' failed military move take place (G:CotHW)?

It's ongoing at the moment. Next year (1623) Tactius is going
to send regular Lunar Troops to besiege Nochet City with little
success. The year after that, the Lunars get defeated by an
alliance of Western Barbarians, Caladralanders and Wolf Pirates
and that is the end of the Lunar adventure.

>Does this trip count as a "Circumnavigation Quest" or is that riding
>around the outside of the world. If it is the Quest, what should have
>happened? What are the effects?

It's a material quest. After completing it, you can swagger into
pubs and exclaim 'I've been around the world and I've seen a lot
of strange things'. :) Harrek seems to be interested in the quest
for the Plunder and I don't know what Errinoru saw in it.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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