From: Guy Hoyle (guyhoyle@chrysalis.org)
Date: Tue 01 Oct 1996 - 07:51:18 EEST

Do Gloranthans in general have any clear-cut notion of "the five Elements"?
It seems to me that most Orlanthi, for example, would not think of Sylphs as
one of five species of "elementals"; they'd think of them as "Orlanth's
Shieldmaids" or something like that, and think of Salamanders as "Flaming
devils of Yelm". I DO think that societies like the Lunar Empire and the
"more advanced" societies of the West and Kralorela would have some such
notion; however, they do not represent the majority of Glorantha.

Anybody else have something to say on the subject?
Guy Hoyle (guyhoyle@chrysalis.org)

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