He may be grim, but we love him

From: Jose Ramos (Jose.Ramos@univ-angers.fr)
Date: Tue 01 Oct 1996 - 15:13:59 EEST

        I am following with great interest the "Gim Gim saga". I have also
loved most of Jim Chapin stories, but this is the best (and longest) to
date. What I really like is the "in" knowledge shown. Sometimes our players
(and specially us, god-learner acolytes) show too much knowledge of the
world and specially of arcane trivia. Certainly only a Pocharngo acolyte or
a Lankhor Mhy specialist would differentiate between Pocharngo and Primal
Chaos. And to a chaotic all trolls are Zorak zorani.
        And last but not least, it is refreshing to see a villain outlook
so well described. Indeed, so much insight on a civilized illuminate must
mean Jim is also illuminated himself (perhaps a former victim of Fineman).
So all readers beware, this series rises your chance of illumination.

        A la prochaine,



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