elementals and lunar cults

From: Peter Metcalfe (P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Wed 02 Oct 1996 - 11:56:22 EEST

Guy Hoyle:

>Do Gloranthans in general have any clear-cut notion of "the five Elements"?

They do IMO. The details will differ from culture to culture, however.

>It seems to me that most Orlanthi, for example, would not think of Sylphs as
>one of five species of "elementals"; they'd think of them as "Orlanth's
>Shieldmaids" or something like that, and think of Salamanders as "Flaming
>devils of Yelm".

Ah, this is a seperate issue IMO from whether they believe in elements.
Orlanth is the King of the Storm Tribe and Ernalda is Queen of the Earth
Tribe according to KoS. Merely believing in some sort of elementalism
does not require the use of RQIII names.

>I DO think that societies like the Lunar Empire and the
>"more advanced" societies of the West and Kralorela would have some such
>notion; however, they do not represent the majority of Glorantha.

Umm, take away the Lunars, the Malkioni and the Kralori away from the
population of Genertela and the remainder are in a minority.

Doug Sim:

>I've played Runequest now on and of for the best part of 8 years but Ive never
>been able to find a concise version of the lunar pantheon. Im told there was
>such a beast many years ago when things were still in print.

It would be spread through the prosopaedia or be found in an extremely
short form in Book 5 of RQ III.

Blue Moon: Supposedly all powerful and all pervasive. Much of what
        is said about this cult turns out to be unlearned gossip.

Crimson Bat: The Steed of the Red Goddess. Sworn Enemies of the
        Lunar Empire quake at the mere mention of this Chaotic
Monstrousity. It is used to keep the peace in trouble spots within
the Lunar Empire.

Danfive Xaron: One of the Seven Mothers. Only criminals join his cult
        under pain of something *really* bad happening to them (ie
worse than joining Danfive). Most of his temples are to be found in
sprawling punishment camps in the Redlands (motto: Work Illuminates).
Those who are sufficiently re-educated join the infamous Black Army
which servers as the Imperial Secret Police. The Black Army also
maintains several military regiments and the Black Sea Fleet.

Deezola: One of the Seven Mothers. Her worshippers are Nobles, Poets
        and healers.

Hon-eel the Artess: Goddess of Maize. She is also honoured for
        converting Tarsh to the Lunar Way, founding the Oraya
Sultanate and driving of the last of the Horse Barbarians.

Hwarin Dalthippa: Goddess of the South Pelorians. She is worshipped by
        the Theyalans of the South for she conquered most of South Peloria
save Tarsh (which was founded by people fleeing her conquests).

Irrippi Ontor: One of the Seven Mothers. His worshippers are the Red
        Sages who do not seek the Truth but instead master the arts of
equivocation (or doublespeak).

Jakaleel the Witch: One of the Seven Mothers. Her worshippers are

Moonson: The Emperor Cult. Although worshipped by all the countless
        thankful citizens that are fortunate enough to dwell within his
Brave New World, the higher ranks are worshipped by those who pursue
careers within the Lunar Civil Service (ie Officials, Satraps and

Red Moon: The Goddess herself. Lunar Philosophers claim that all the
        Other Lunars Gods are really her wearing a mask. Those who
are sufficently enlightened to comprehend her teachings can draw upon
the training of this cult to perform adroit magics.

Seven Mothers: A missionary cult. It is Lunar Religion-lite and is
        marketed to suspicious barbarians.

She Who Waits: An obscure cult.

Teelo Norri: One of the Seven Mothers. Her cult is in charge of the
        Poorhouses and orphanages of the Lunar Empire.

White Moon: A prophesised celestial body worshipped by spaced-out
        fools and other rabble.

Yanafal Tarnils: One of the Seven Mothers. His worshippers are officers
        of the Lunar Army and co-ordinate the myriad military units of
the Lunar Empire be they Char-un Hetmen, Thunder Delta Slingers, Theyalan
Peltasts, Carmanian Hazars, Dara Happan Hoplites, Antelope Lancers or
Pelorian Bat-food.

Yara Anaris: Goddess of the Reaching Moon. She is worshipped by the
        Northern Pelorians to protect them against the Horse Nomads.
She also maintains the Glowline.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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