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Doug Sim
>I've never been able to find a concise version of the lunar pantheon

The Lunar "pantheon" doesn't work the same way as Orlanth's or
similar gods. You don't so much get initiated into a single cult as
you become part of the Lunar Way. The major deities worshiped as
Lunar include:

ANNILLA: goddess of the Blue Moon. Secretive, tiny cult. Most
worshipers are trolls from the Blue Moon Patrol, and are not subjects
of the Empire, but allies.

THE SEVEN MOTHERS: they can be worshiped as a group and are, in the
frontier areas. They also have individual "cults" (more like clubs or
service organizations) within the Empire.

        DANFIVE XARON = the closest thing to a empire-wide police
force the Lunars possess. Technically, there are no laws within the
Empire, so no need for police. I wonder what these guys are doing.
        DEEZOLA = healers and helpers. A resource used by most other
parts of the Empire. Of all the Mothers, her society is closest to a
"real" cult.

        IRRIPPI ONTOR = bureaucrats and librarians and researchers.
The Memory of the Empire, if you will.

        JAKALEEL THE WITCH = don't ask. Don't tell.
        TEELO NORRI = feed the poor, help at disaster areas.

        YANAFAL TARNILS = the backbone of the Lunar Army. Just as
most of your body isn't backbone, so most of the Lunar army aren't YT
groupies, but there would be no army without it. Almost all officers
worship YT, at least on the side.

ETYRIES: an important goddess of trade.

HON-EEL THE DANCER: a goddess of culture, society, rank, and
advancement, and other things.

HWARIN DALTHIPPA: a combination fertility/war goddess. (A typically
Lunar combination.)

LUNAR GODDESSES: I believe that every phase of the moon has its own
Goddess. So there. I don't think they're considered the most vital
deities of the Empire, tho.

RED GODDESS: the dominant religious force of the Empire. But few
worship her directly. Still, almost everyone worshipers her
indirectly, which is nearly as good.

NYSALOR: not really a god, and not really worshiped. But an important
religious figure/emblem nonetheless.

YARA ARANIS: yet another war deity (the Lunar empire's short history
has been riddled with wars). She is most important in the Redlands,
because she was specially-designed to be most dangerous to the Pent
nomads. But she can be found anywhere.

YOUNG ELEMENTALS: Damsel Darkness, Squire Sea, etc. These are
philosophical beings whose importance is primarily magical and
mystical. But almost all Lunars would know about them, and they have
shrines in lots of temples. They are the source of Lunar access to
darkness, water, earth, and fire magic. No air deity is represented.

In addition, the old gods that preceded the Lunar Way are still
worshiped everywhere they used to be (except for Orlanth, who is
replaced by the "tame" air deity Molanni). Thus, you'd find Yelm,
Dayzatar, Ourania, and Oslir in the riverlands, with various earth
goddesses and gods (and Lodril) in the uplands. Go to Aggar, and
you'll see that they worship Ernalda, Heler, etc. Or very similar
beings. Carmania is still Malkioni, though the Red Goddess is
substituted for the Invisible God.

        Orlanth alone is unable to be incorporated fully into the
light of the Goddess, but perhaps his turn, too, will come someday.
And of course, there are a few deities outlawed for fine civic
reasons (like Storm Bull, the White Moon, Monster Man, and so forth).
But these latter in _theory_ could be incorporated. Honest. Orlanth's
case is different, because he has been specifically selected as the
Last Enemy. His defeat makes symbolic and real the Goddess's
domination over all Glorantha. Certainly conquering Orlanth will
still leave vast lands untouched by the Goddess -- Kralorela,
Pamaltela, Teleos, etc., but their conversion is made inescapable by
Orlanth's upcoming demise.

Sandy P.


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