From: jd1196@rtccnh1.serigate.philips.nl
Date: Wed 02 Oct 1996 - 19:31:34 EEST

Hi all

+ new Malkioni saints

I think that we lack a patron saint for each Malkioni caste.

I propose that those saints are people who were converted by
Hrestol. They taught him some secrets of their caste.
A supplicant is granted a better level of success when he
uses a skill of his caste, a simple success becomes a special,
a special becomes a critical, and a fumble becomes a failure.

I propose that Froalar (Hrestol's father) is the saint patron
of the noble caste.
Hrestol (or his son) is the saint patron of the knight caste for
the Hretoli (both castle coast and Loskalmi).

+I loved the Gimgrim stories


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