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>From: Guy Hoyle <>
>Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 23:51:18 -0500
>Subject: Elements
>Do Gloranthans in general have any clear-cut notion of "the five Elements"?
>It seems to me that most Orlanthi, for example, would not think of Sylphs as
>one of five species of "elementals"; they'd think of them as "Orlanth's
>Shieldmaids" or something like that, and think of Salamanders as "Flaming
>devils of Yelm". I DO think that societies like the Lunar Empire and the
>"more advanced" societies of the West and Kralorela would have some such
>notion; however, they do not represent the majority of Glorantha.
>Anybody else have something to say on the subject?

A little of both, perhaps? For example, in mystical Judaism there are
hierachies of supernal beings, seraphim, cherubim, archangels, etc. One may
refer to Michael as the "Strength of God" _and_ also realize that he is an
angel. Then again, the completely separate views may be more appropriate,
finding Michael and Baalzebub as both members of a supernal class, but one
is the "shieldmaiden" and the other the "flaming devil".



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