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This is a post of many parts. I hope there is something here for

While attempting my character write-up, I found I'd forgotten a
couple of facts. Could someone please remind me who was the Lunar
official actually dealing with the Grazelanders for grain, and on
what day did Tamertain attempt to light the Flame of Sartar?

What have the Pelorians ever done for the Lunar Empire? We know the

Dara Happans, being the old aristocracy, run the show. The
Carmanians guard the western Empire. What do the Pelorians
contribute to the Empire? I can't see that they contribute
diddly-squat (that should set the cat among the pigeons 8-)!

I don't know about you, but I can never think up NPCs' names when I
need to. It also seems that the very different cultural groups
around Prax should all have very distinct names, a task my feeble
imagination is not up to. To put these problems right, I thought I'd
use a name generation program (available from to
produce lists of random names. Here are some results. Given names
and epithets are generated seperately. Any and all comments are
welcome, as are requests for the data I used.

New Pavisites. Settlers of 1550, still with "Old Country" names.
Based on pre-Norman Anglo-Saxon.
    Byrhtlin Deepbreeks, Leofweard Weakcrusher, Herered Oldbeard,
    Tosfrith Godifoot, Aelfric Fatbow, Guthferth Sylphbow,
    Aethelwold Paunchskin, Orstan Bluebeard, Aethelberht Bonebow,
    Diclanth Mightyhonour, Wiheof Bronzebeard, Al Slenderfang,
    Aetheltred Swarthyaxe, Ceonwold Coldaxe, Caedlanth Sleekson,
    Barnwalh Voriofskin

Lunars. Classic Roman (repreat for surname)
    Tiberius, Anni, Antoni, Orinal, Fulvius, Jovinian, Lucian,
    Lucbane, Julios, Jovinizi, Julicus, Aurelian, Litorius, Annbane,
    Sigilius, Nerdori, Hingleble, Procopizi, Hortensius, Ammondori,
    Fulvble, Faustius

and their women:
    Salvina, Pia, Constantia, Alcaina, Antonia, Nigidina, Hortensa,
    Valeria, Liberia, Gratia, Irripina, Drusina, Anthemina, Paulia,
    Annia, Vericia, Etryilla, Severina, Silveria, Stolia, Lucina,

Sun Domers. Following both the pre-Lunar and Spartan themes, these
are Firespeech (Greek):
    Epilardia Pikehair, Pragmamai Treebow, Strephirmos Lionminded,
    Kaumathos Sharptruth, Anazatoo Strongrunner, Trogastole
    Yelmaliobrow, Skorpomeo Yelm-minded, Tessariazo Deersplitter,
    Aperitmyreo Spiritneck, Otos Yellowson, Poniotes Swarthyneck,
    Anadeiknymeo Bare-ear, Katageloida Smoothhair, Mathophe
    Serpentson, Estirmon Sunskin, Exaposko Hawkson, Asthano Sunarm

Boat people: names from the Baggins family, would you believe?
    Lothgin, Olger, Bofco, Mimpy, Ilba, Galdigrim, Roly, Halibert,
    Samno, Boltolph, Rudosa, Mososa, Porgo, Camta, Othibald, Bunosa,
    Bilosa, Lino, Sanbo, Prisdo, Prisylla, Baldigrim, Ponba, Fincho

Oasis people: Incan is a fairly unknown language, unrelated to any
    Aca, Tima, Chata, Mata, Macca, Tupo, Tima, Apa, Mati, Jauhua,
    Chanu, Yutu, Itu, Chara, Huchi, Uco, Chupo, Uma, Inla, Jauri,
    Tichu, Ita, Picco, Huanchi, Cochi, Tuja, Chuli, Maya, Yuli, Aca,
    Unu, Picchu

Agamori: showing their Pamaltelan origins:
    Matanga, Illima, Guri, Kolmena, Mitbongo, Dekanza, Mara, Lula,
    Ilima, Tshihemba, Kuhemba, Dekasi, Kakuru, Ditu, Ugkanza,
    Gunlia, Uemena, Arukanza, Masitanga, Debongo, Gunwezi, Guwimi

Old Pavisites: I imagine these people to have Celtic/Gaelic sounding
sames, but I haven't found a list of names to start from. Can
anyone help?

Praxians: following the Amerind model, these will be named "Sitting
Bull," "No Rain," and the like. I'll have to produce a set of name
elements for these as well.


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