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From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Thu 03 Oct 1996 - 12:53:36 EEST

Arf Wilson:

>I have a quick question: I have seen mention on the mailing list of a
>"religion" skill. How is this calculated and what would the base
>percentages be for yer average layman?

It's a lore skill and would have a base percentage of 5%.

Sandy Petersen:

>LUNAR GODDESSES: I believe that every phase of the moon has its own
>Goddess. So there. I don't think they're considered the most vital
>deities of the Empire, tho.

Surely these phase goddess would be the same as the corresponding
Seven Mother? (ie Jakaleel is the Black Moon Goddess and Danfive
Xaron is the Dying Moon God).

Jean D.:

>I think that we lack a patron saint for each Malkioni caste.

Well the prime candiates were Malkion's four sons but they all
rejected him when he preached the Solace. Two of them are dead
(Talar and Horal), one rots in a hell of his own making and nobody
cares about the Eternal Peasant.

Jane Williams:

>In KoS p135 (and probably many other
>places), we are told that Boldhome was built overnight, fulfilling an
>ancient prophecy. What was the prophecy?

Considering that Sartar recieved Dawrf Help, the Prophecy could be from
Isidilian the Wise who is known for leaking fragments of the Schedule to
outsiders much to the fury of the Nidan Decamony (He gives one in the
Gloranthan Book and several in RuneQuest Adventures #5). Given the style
of his prophecies, it is likely to be very manner of fact: ie 'A Great
City shall spring up overnight in the Quivin Peaks to be the home of
the Bold Men.'

- --Peter Metcalfe


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