Delecti's Lore Library

Date: Thu 03 Oct 1996 - 14:31:32 EEST

Aloha all,

Just wanted to inform those of you who do not know that my lore library is
now up on web pages at:

I just added some new stories just before I sent this out, so visit it again
even if you already have. The stories will also remain accessible on an FTP
site, but I have yet to set it up to maximize my storage space. Also if those
of you who were kind enough to put my FTP as a link could change it to the
URL above I would appreciate it.

I will be adding my Hall of Cults, Tower of Magics and Vault of Scenarios as
soon as I get my computer back from my mother-in-law. Those pages will try to
be a gathering point for those various topics, after I get them up I will add
various other topics as I can.

Any comments or suggestions are certainly welcome.



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