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Guy Hoyle:

>>Umm, take away the Lunars, the Malkioni and the Kralori away from the
>>population of Genertela and the remainder are in a minority.

>True; however, I was speaking of Glorantha as a whole, not just Genertela.


>When one includes Pamaltela, the East Isles, and the Elder Races, Kralorela,
>the Lunar Empire, and the Malkioni countries ARE small percentage of the
>total population of Glorantha.

But then you'll have to include Fonrit and Vorumain in the category
of advanced civilized cultures.


Malkioni 9.0 million Orlanthi 6.9 million [1]
Kralorela 8.9 million Hsunchen 4.2 million
Lunar Empire 6.9 million Trolls 3.1 million
Teshnos 2.0 million Ignorance 2.2 million
Janube States 1.9 million Esrolia 1.8 million
Dwarves 0.8 million Elves 1.6 million
Kingdom of War 0.4 million Pent 1.0 million
                                Caladri 0.5 million
                                Praxians 0.5 million
                                Eol 0.3 million [2]
                                Trowjang 0.2 million
[1] I'm including states like Jonatela, Tarsh and Aggar within
     this estimate.

[2] This also includes the related Balazarings.


Fonrit 11.0 million Elves 6.0 million
Sedalpists 0.8 million Masloi 4.2 million [3]
Dwarves ?.? [4] Doraddi 2.7 million
                                Orlanthi 1.2 million
                                Jungle Humans 0.8 million
                                Trolls 0.6 million
                                Veldang 0.3 million
                                Kresh 0.2 million
                                Exigers 0.1 million
                                Slarge ?.? [5]
                                Goblins 0.0 [6]

[3] Although they live in cities, I consider them to be comparable
     to Orlanthi and Esrolians in terms of achievement.

[4] I can't find any stats for the Mari Conclave. I suppose
     they're counted as vegetables...

[5] Perhaps 500,000. Tarien Doraddi number only 400,000 and so
     this is a heftly threat to them despite the large amount of
land available for peaceful co-existance.

[6] I flatly refuse to count anything smaller than a trollkin.

Thus we have a total of

Advanced Civilizations: 41.7 million
Other: 35.0 million

These are only for those for which published estimates exist.

Jrustela has a moderate troll population of 72,000 which is
given in Trollpak. From the geography of Jrustela, I estimate
that the population of dwarves, humans and elves to be of the
same magnitude. The population of tinimits could be anywhere
from ten to twenty times this amount (population of trolls)
although much of this is ephemeral B-).

I also estimate that the East Isles has a population of 20
million at the most. Roughly five million live within the
densely populated islands of Vorumain, whereas the Civilized
Eastern Isles (ie the Thelini Republic, the Valkarian
Confederation, the Haragalan Commonwealth and the Jeweled
Isle of Mokato) probably have a combined population of 2
million tops. The remainder is scattered among the myriad

The Dwarf Isle of Slon has a large dwarf population (IMO
300,000) and a larger human population (700,000?). Another
200,000 Hsunchen would inhabit the vast land beyond the walls.

Teleos from it size and geography looks like supporting up to
500,000 people. Due to the constant warfare there, the numbers
are probably only half that.

The Merfolk I estimate would number 10 million at the most spread
around the ocen shores.

Of course these figures are of the top of my head, so if you
have more authoritative sources or simply want to contradict,
feel free to comment.

- --Peter 'Pedants Anonymous' Metcalfe


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