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Hi all,

+ Malkioni Saints
I did not think to the sons of Malkion, but to the first four
converts of Hrestrol (one per caste).

To summarize what I think about the sorcery using cultures.

The Vadeli are agnostic, ie they do not believe that gods exist.
They are three different races. Their relation is like the one
between a sea anemone and an hermit crab. Both races can live
alone. But when they are together, the sea anemone is mobile
and the hermit crab has a protection against its predator.
They don't have to do nasty things to stay immortal (or they would
not be evil).

The Brithini are atheist, ie they think that a creator exist, but
that he cannot be worshiped. They are one race with four castes.
Malkion, the first prophet, discovered that by strictly adhering
to the Creator's laws, one could be immortal. They are bad when the
Vadeli are evil (they only tap so to speak).
It is very difficult for a Brithini to live without members of the
other three castes (as showed by the Sog University).

The other Malkioni IMO believe that there is an Invisible God and
that he can be worshiped (this was discovered by Hrestrol).
They have varying beliefs about the caste system, the relations
with the other gods, how to apply the laws of Malkion.
I think that the Galvosti revere the saints but don't worship
them since the only being deserving worship is the Invisible

The Wartagi revere Malkion as an ancestor, but they don't obey
his laws. They don't worship the Invisible God either.
I see them as a nomadic people who only stop their travels on the seas
to repair their ships, or to capture a sea dragon for creating a new

+ Lunar pantheon

I have always wondered about the role of the Great Sister in the
Lunar pantheon.

Hwarin Dathirappa, Yara Aranis and Hon Eel are daughters of the Red
I think that Jar Eel the razoress will become the unifier of the
Holy Country and a goddess (if all goes well for the Lunars).



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