From: Carlson, Pam (
Date: Fri 04 Oct 1996 - 22:31:00 EEST

Neil Smith, who must be jesting:

>What have the Pelorians ever done for the Lunar Empire? We know the
Dara Happans, being the old aristocracy, run the show. The
Carmanians guard the western Empire. What do the Pelorians
contribute to the Empire? I can't see that they contribute
diddly-squat (that should set the cat among the pigeons 8-)!

Whom do you mean by "Pelorians"? How about: Camanians, Naverians,
Darjiini, Dara Happans, Scylillans, Kostaddians, Torangi, Imtherites,
Eolites, Imtherians, Orayans, Sairdites, Brolians, Talastari, and

Well, let's see...

The Carmanians bring military expertise and mercantile vigor.
The Dara Happans bring the tradition of Empire and, of course, the
required Innate Justice.
The Naverians bring common sense and civic expertise.
The Torangi bring the special insight of the Goddess.
The Darjiini provide the best tabloid material.
Scylillans bring excellent horse cavalry.
The Kostaddi offer the Sable Lancers and tons of corn and barley.
The Imtherites provide all manner of cheesy comestibles.
Eolites offer the Thunder Delta Slingers and reindeer hides.
Orayans are the first line of defense from the Pentan hordes.
And, of course the Sairdites, Brolians, Talastari, and Aggari happily
provide the brave soldiers of the provincial armies who smite the
barbarian foe.

Neil does redeem himself with a nice list of names! I especially like
the Incan ones.

I took a bunch of Assyrian names from Assyria Online (check it out!) for
Dara Happa, and often use Greek ones as well. I sometimes use
Indian/Hindu names for upland Dara Happans or Torangi. I try to avoid
the Latin/Roman association for DH, as it carries many society and
empire connotations which I don't think match very well. (ie, slave
economies, worship of the emperor, classical architecture etc.)

Should flames ensue this weekend, I shall be safely holed up with all
the other RQ'ing Seattlites and Western Canadians in Fort Laurie. (Neil
assures us it's safe, as canned mushy peas are unobtainable even in
Canada.) We'll be exploring Alkoth and old Tarsh, and will post
anything interesting we discover about Glorantha.



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