Date: Sat 05 Oct 1996 - 02:02:52 EEST

Neil Smith has some suggestions and queries about character names.
I'm about to run a one-off scenario in which the PCs are all Fronelan=20
I decided they all have names descriptive of some personal
characteristic. Thus: Wrestles With Bears (he's very strong), Sings To=20
(assistant shaman), Spirit Of Silence (skilled at moving quietly through th=
Of course in a small homage to Kevin Costner it was absolutely necessary
to have a Telmori who likes to dress up in clothes and pass among the
farmers in the lowlands - a wolf called Dances With Humans.
On Neil's request for Old Pavic names, may I suggest that, the building of
the city being such a major event, family names might reflect this. Thus=20
vaguely Sartarite/Tarshite given names):
Artmal Builder, Gerreck Mason, Alfdan Stonecarver, Stanni Joiner,=20
Strongjoint. Perhaps some of these names should sound really odd to
Usrul Mortarmixer or Den Mostaliminder for example.
By the way I know Pavis had help building the structure of the city=20
(Flintnail the
Dwarf and some Giants I think? - it's been a while since any of my=20
were in Pavis) but there must have been a fair amount of building of=20
within the walls by human settlers as well at that time.
Richard Crawley
p.s. Really liked Gim Gim=20


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