Tribal Kings & their Households

From: Martin Laurie (102541.3423@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Sat 05 Oct 1996 - 02:20:37 EEST

Has anyone done any research into the size of a tribal kings household?

ie how many Huscarls can a king support based on the population of his tribe. I
would presume that they have significantly more than the typical Clan Chief.

As a guestimate I've always figured that for every thousand people in a tribe,
the King can muster approx 5 Huscarls who would be seperate from the Clan
Huscarls. Also, on a tribal level, most Huscarls would be Humakti whereas on a
clan level its the other way round.

Frex, the Dundealos have 10,000 people which means their King has a personal
guard fo 50 Huscarls. This would be in addition to the 100+ huscarls that the

clan chiefs could muster. This doesn't include any powerful Thanes or priests
who would significantly boost this number of high quality warriors.

Thoughts anyone?

Martin Laurie


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