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Date: Sat 05 Oct 1996 - 11:19:35 EEST

Hi all -

I've been setting up a new campaign which will revolve around the
resurrection of Genert, so it's going to be pretty epic. Of course i also
have a slew of questions i'd like answers to or commented upon.

RoC says that Pavis County produces cavalry horses and high quality
leather, and i assume that most of the people in Pavis County are orlanthi
in origin, so is Elmal, who is the orlanthi horse god, widely worshipped
among them, or did the elmalites all move to Sun County (where the horse
business was later dropped for some obscure reason)?

Also i wonder if there is a possibility that Elmal during the years has
been reforged with Mahome and created a female sun goddess (Elome)
mythically married to Barntar, the male earth god? The existence of this
goddess could explain why the Sun County deem it a crime if male yelmalions
disguise themselves as women, as Yelmalio is a rival to Elome.

I aired this idea some time ago and got some comments. As i think it would
be quite interesting to have a female sun goddess, but don't have a really
good place to put her, i'd welcome comments as to whether the Zola Fel
farmers could worship her or not.

And who is the praxian sun/sky god/goddess anyway? And is it a benign or
malign deity? The most immediate guess would of course be Sun Hawk who
teaches the virtues of Patience and Strength of Will.

Speaking of leather - Brygga Scissortongue of the Garhound family is
guildmaster for the cloth and leather workers guild, so does Garhound have
a large leather industry?

As Garhound is locally known to be the birthplace of Ernalda which means
that there should be at least a major temple there and quite a lot of
priestesses there, i think that women directly rule most of the domestic
stuff and indirectly influence a lot of everything else.

A lot of EWF orlanthi followed Pavis into Prax, but were they clan-based or
did they have a slightly different social hierachy? I think that the old
Pavis County orlanthi have very large 'clans' made up of unaffiliated
households ruled by an ueber-family or noble house in a patron-client
system. A civilized lunar would of course have big troubles trying to
discern the difference between the 'noble' families from the rest.

What would be the effects of the immigrants following Dorasar and the
recent waves of refugees from Sartar, and in what numbers did they come -
in hundreds or in thousands? Did they all move into Pavis or did they
predominantly settle in Pavis County? What were their effects on the local
traditions - did they assimiliate into the existing culture without major
disruption or were the local traditions replaced with Sartarite practices?

What about Issaries and Desert Trackers? Kost the Tracker is a beast rider,
so is Issaries or the DT subcult widely acknowledged among the beast
riders? Seeing that Issaries was a major player during the second age, i
guess that the cult was widely disseminated among the nomads, especially as
a go-between in dealings between the farmers and the nomads. Is Ronance a
son of Issaries and a daughter of Genert?

G:CotHW says that Beast Riders move about in 'tribes'. Bison Riders number
80 000 and i refuse to believe that the tribe includes all of them, as they
could never find a place that could sustain such a large herd. So how large
is a tribe?

Speaking of Bison - Between Adari and Tada's High Tumulus lies the Bison
Plains. Is this place a Bison Rider haunt or do wild bison roam there?

From DP the boardgame i know of three secret societies - the Twin Spears,
the Sword Brothers and the Bullocks. I guess the Bullocks is the same as

the White Bull society. But what are the other two? Are other societies
mentioned somewhere? I don't have the OOP Prax stuff, so wouldn't know if
any appear there.

Lastly - have anybody done a praxian bestiary, or at least a list of
critters found in the wastes? Or do anyone have a list of praxian plants.
If there isn't i could make one. Could you all please help me out with it
and send me info on what can be found in Prax.

- -----------------
Michael Raaterova
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