Spirit Plane Weaponry

From: Nicolai Paulsen (elrond@image.dk)
Date: Sun 06 Oct 1996 - 16:58:51 EEST

I'm wondering about shamans and spirit combat in RQIII. Not only is it
boring, it also lacks anything to help the player visualize whats going on.
As far as I can glean from these pages, this problem is addressed in RQIV,
but until that happy day in the future when I can pay my way out of any
need for hard thinking, I still have to play a fledgling shaman in the
Dragon Pass-area, with the frequent spirit combats that that entail.
That's why I'm thinking of developing some kind og Spirit Plane Weaponry.
Those of you familiar with Shadowrun will know what I'm thinking of here.
My question is this: Does it already exist? 'Cause if it does, I would much
rather benefit from somebody elses hard work...
My idea is that a physical item with some kind of symbolic value in the
"real world" would "follow" the shaman as he traveled to the spirit plane,
and would be useful either in combat or in some other situation analoguous
to what happens in the "real world".
This item would have to be made much like a "traditional" spirit-holding
item, i.e. through a lot of enchantment, ceremony (summon?) and a personal
investment in the shape of permanent POW. Since my character is a Telmorii
(although he's been thrown out of the tribe, more about that in a later
mail), the physical object could be a short stick with a wolf's claw
attached to the end. But how does one find anyone to teach my character the
actual ritual/ceremony/summoning, since it apparently does not take place
in the area around Dragon Pass?
Gim-Gim would know, but he's gone...y.o.y. cruel world, is Gim-Gim gone?
Replies very welcome.
Tuek, son of Tuek, out-of-favour-shaman of the Telmorii

Microsoft, meanwhile, denies that the problem exists.


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