From: Nick Effingham (
Date: Sun 06 Oct 1996 - 18:54:42 EEST

 After talking privately to John Brown (a.k.a. Arkat) I've just realized
that although I've been *told* by people that Elmal lost his fire powers at
the Hill Of Gold I've never actually read the full account.
Does anyone know
where I can get hold of one?

 Also, if anyone has a copy of Steve Marsh's HQ rules, can they please send
me them? Unless it breaks any copyright laws, that is. Are they available in
electronic format? If not then I'd also be willing to type convert them to
HTML and put them up on the net.

Thanks all!!

Nick E.
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Nick the Shaman of Thed
I thought Britain was Dorastor without broo,
but then Sandy made it all clear to me.
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