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Peter Metcalfe writes regarding the sons of Malkion:
>one rots in a hell of his own making
Zzabur, presumably. An interesting way of describing his situation - is
Brithos really that bad?

What about Waretag, or is he not counted among Malkion's sons?

> The Vadeli are agnostic, ie they do not believe that gods exist.
> The Brithini are atheist, ie they think that a creator exist, but
> that he cannot be worshiped.

The Vadeli do not believe that Gods do not exist - they have seen the powers
and effects of gods and have encountered gods and demigods themselves. They
merely do not worship Gods as they think of them as super-beings. I would
agree that they do not believe that a Creator exists either, hence do not
worship him.

The Brithini believe that the Creator exists but do not themselves worship
_anyone_. (In fact, looking at the Sog City writeup, it could be that
theBrithini do not even recognise the Invisible God, but I am not convinced.)
They think that the gods are just other people - after all, many of the

Brithini were around during the Darkness and before and knew the "gods"

> The other Malkioni IMO believe that there is an Invisible God and that he
can be worshiped (this was
> discovered by Hrestrol).

Surely, Malkion discovered this and dicovered Solace, which was why he fell
out with the Brithini. "All" Hrestol did was to declare "Joy of the Heart"
and ensure class mobility.

> The Wartagi revere Malkion as an ancestor, but they don't obey his laws.
They don't worship the
> Invisible God either.

I don't agree. In my opinion, the Waertagi worship the Invisible God and
Malkion as part of their pantheon and obey Malkion's laws. However, they may
well interpret those laws in different ways to other Malkioni (but what's new
- - every sect has its own interpetation of the Laws).

>I have always wondered about the role of the Great Sister in the Lunar

At the Convulsions Lore Auction, the Great Sister was partially explained -
apparently, she is another composite being like the Red Emperor, made up of
the leftovers of the Red Emperor's Egi. She is answerable to the Red Goddess
only but does co-operate with the Red Emperor. However, Greg Stafford freely
admitted that he was making half of it up as he went along.


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