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Date: Mon 07 Oct 1996 - 08:45:07 EEST

Michael Raaterova wrote

> As Garhound is locally known to be the birthplace of Ernalda which means
> that there should be at least a major temple there and quite a lot of
> priestesses there, i think that women directly rule most of the domestic
> stuff and indirectly influence a lot of everything else.

"Birthplace of Ernalda" might mean it's the first temple established in Prax.

Sounds like most Orlanthi women to me.

> A lot of EWF orlanthi followed Pavis into Prax, but were they clan-based or
> did they have a slightly different social hierachy?

Empires in general do not mess with the socio-political structures of their
component states. I would expect something slightly different than a
standard clan (for example, the leader might be elected differently under
the EWF), but close enough to be functionally the same.

> From DP the boardgame i know of three secret societies - the Twin Spears,
> the Sword Brothers and the Bullocks.

If they form DP units, they don't sound very secret to me.

Nick Effingham wondered

> I've just realized
> that although I've been *told* by people that Elmal lost his fire powers at
> the Hill Of Gold I've never actually read the full account.

I believe it was stated by Greg at the RQ-Con Down Under Lore Auction.

> Also, if anyone has a copy of Steve Marsh's HQ rules, can they please send
> me them?

I persuaded him to put them at his new Web site, and there's a pointer from
my page (I'm disappointed you didn't look there before asking).

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