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From: Peter Metcalfe (P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Mon 07 Oct 1996 - 12:04:10 EEST

Michael Raaterova:

>RoC says that Pavis County produces cavalry horses and high quality
>leather, and i assume that most of the people in Pavis County are orlanthi
>in origin, so is Elmal, who is the orlanthi horse god, widely worshipped
>among them, or did the elmalites all move to Sun County (where the horse
>business was later dropped for some obscure reason)?

I would have thought the Horse God worshipped in Pavis was Hippoi or
Hyalor as the nearest Orlanthi horse tribe, the Pol Joni, are Storm

>Also i wonder if there is a possibility that Elmal during the years has
>been reforged with Mahome and created a female sun goddess (Elome)
>mythically married to Barntar, the male earth god? The existence of this
>goddess could explain why the Sun County deem it a crime if male yelmalions
>disguise themselves as women, as Yelmalio is a rival to Elome.

I stick with Somash myself as being responsible for crossdressing.

>As Garhound is locally known to be the birthplace of Ernalda which means
>that there should be at least a major temple there and quite a lot of
>priestesses there, i think that women directly rule most of the domestic
>stuff and indirectly influence a lot of everything else.

There would be a major temple *IF* there were enough people there
to make it one. But there aren't and so there isn't. The birthplace
of Ernalda is piffle as Every Orlanthi knows of the Paps and the
land of Esrolia.

>What would be the effects of the immigrants following Dorasar and the
>recent waves of refugees from Sartar, and in what numbers did they come -
>in hundreds or in thousands?

The Pavisites are distinguishable from the Sartarite immigrants. Ethnic
tension exists between them and Codex #1 contains an article on this.

>G:CotHW says that Beast Riders move about in 'tribes'. Bison Riders number
>80 000 and i refuse to believe that the tribe includes all of them, as they
>could never find a place that could sustain such a large herd. So how large
>is a tribe?

Try clans instead.

Nick Effingham:

> Also, if anyone has a copy of Steve Marsh's HQ rules, can they please send
>me them?

Try http://members.gnn.com/SRMarsh/hero.htm

Simon Phipp:

>Peter Metcalfe writes regarding the sons of Malkion:
>>one rots in a hell of his own making

>Zzabur, presumably. An interesting way of describing his situation - is
>Brithos really that bad?

Yes. If Jean-Paul Satre defined Hell as 'other people', then Zzabur's
Hell is far worse as the 'other people' are lacking personalities.

>What about Waretag, or is he not counted among Malkion's sons?

Beacause he was a real bastard. Seriously he's not counted as one of
Malkion's sons in Western (ie non-waertagi) thought because being a
goggled-eyed marineer that never sets foot on land is rather difficult
to do in Western Society. What about Sailors? Well they've always
worshipped St Diros during the 1st and 2nd ages and St Dormal in the
third IMO.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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