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Date: Mon 07 Oct 1996 - 19:24:25 EEST

Michael Raaterova said

> (where the horse
> business was later dropped for some obscure reason)?
Not an obscure reason: several hundred thousand Nomads was a pretty good
reason. Horses are taboo.

> Speaking of leather - Brygga Scissortongue of the Garhound family is
> guildmaster for the cloth and leather workers guild, so does Garhound have
> a large leather industry?
Could also have a large weaving industry. Sheep and the new Lunar cotton
plantations would supply them. (Large is relative, of course.)

> As Garhound is locally known to be the birthplace of Ernalda which means
> that there should be at least a major temple there and quite a lot of
> priestesses there, i think that women directly rule most of the domestic
> stuff and indirectly influence a lot of everything else.
Possible, but not necessarily true. It isn't reflected in the current
version of Garhound. And Bethlehlm is hardly ruled by the Pope.

> A lot of EWF orlanthi followed Pavis into Prax, but were they clan-based or
> did they have a slightly different social hierachy? I think that the old
> Pavis County orlanthi have very large 'clans' made up of unaffiliated
> households ruled by an ueber-family or noble house in a patron-client
> system. A civilized lunar would of course have big troubles trying to
> discern the difference between the 'noble' families from the rest.


Their social structure was so badly distorted by the troll occupation and
ensuing warfare that I'm not certain that your question would
concern anyone other than the most academic researcher.

> What would be the effects of the immigrants following Dorasar and the
> recent waves of refugees from Sartar, and in what numbers did they come -
> in hundreds or in thousands? Did they all move into Pavis or did they
> predominantly settle in Pavis County? What were their effects on the local

> traditions - did they assimiliate into the existing culture without major
> disruption or were the local traditions replaced with Sartarite practices?
They built "New Pavis", outside the old giant walls. I have assumed they
follow their own practices and the remining minority of the the Old
Pavistes follow slightly different ones. Or possibly signifiacntly
different ones. It was never important, as my players never socialized
with the people in Old Town.

> G:CotHW says that Beast Riders move about in 'tribes'. Bison Riders number
> 80 000 and i refuse to believe that the tribe includes all of them, as they
> could never find a place that could sustain such a large herd. So how large
> is a tribe?
The "Tribe" are all the bison riders. They travel in clans of hundreds,
or family groups of some 10's. When things get exciting they can form
larger groups. But the entire tribe of any of the nomads has never
assembled in once place, at least in last few hundred years.

> Lastly - have anybody done a praxian bestiary, or at least a list of
> critters found in the wastes? Or do anyone have a list of praxian plants.
> If there isn't i could make one. Could you all please help me out with it
> and send me info on what can be found in Prax.
Sandy's Gloranthan Beastiary has most of the important nomad beasts.
Sandy has, over the last few years put out some stuff on what critters
were in the wastes. Plants? Other than Skullbush I can't remember any.

Nick Effingham asked
> Also, if anyone has a copy of Steve Marsh's HQ rules, can they please send
> me them? Unless it breaks any copyright laws, that is. Are they available in
> electronic format? If not then I'd also be willing to type convert them to
> HTML and put them up on the net.
They used to be on the soda FTP server at Berkley. I don't know if it is
still around.



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