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Date: Mon 07 Oct 1996 - 21:44:53 EEST

I will not quote Nicolai Paulsens E-Mail. I think it is to long to repeat it.

But what I want to write is the following:

I myself plan to develop my own rules for the Spirit Plane and Spirit Combat,
based on White Wolfs Umbra in the Werewolf-RPG.
One Idea is that an attacking spirit must make itself visible to the target.
Then there are 3 states of visibility:

Lets call it stage 1,2,3 and 4.
Stage 1: The Spirit is completely in the spirit-plane and unvisible. Neither
side can attack.
Stage 2: Spirit is difficult to see, PC must make a Scan-Roll to find him,
players and spirits get a +15 % at his attack, players none
Stage 3: Spirit is easy to find, but only 50 % are in the plane of the
players. Neither side gets a bonus.
Stage 4: Spirit is completely in the players plane. It is completely visible
and can be attacked by normal ( or at least magickal) weapons.

I think this gives the players a help to visualize the spirits. Imagine:
The players walk down a durk cave. Suddenly there stands a old man in front
of them...

What do you think about this idea?



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