Sun County - Why You Walk, Not Ride

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Date: Tue 08 Oct 1996 - 17:52:00 EEST

G'day all,
Why Sun Domers Walk, Not Ride

Michael Raaterova asks:
>RoC says that Pavis County produces cavalry horses and high quality
>leather, and I assume that most of the people in Pavis County are orlanthi
>in origin, so is Elmal, who is the orlanthi horse god, widely worshipped
>among them, or did the elmalites all move to Sun County (where the horse
>business was later dropped for some obscure reason)?

During the Solitude of Testing (the grim period of desperate isolation that between the fall of Pavis to the founding of New Pavis), the isolated Sun Domers gave up trying to maintain their horse herds: their presence riled the hores-hating Animal Nomads just too damn much and the Sun Domers adapted to their fate on foot. It's also possible that horses are susceptible to certain Praxian diseases and parasites where the nomad's beasts aren't (just like the sheep they tried to farm), and - if you wanna accept a scientific angle - perhaps genetic diversity was weakened as the herds dwindled over the centuries.

Any horses in Pavis County must be recent imports, and can only thrive while the Lunars are there to protect them. I'm not sure the horse-breeding industry is as big as RoC suggests, given that even the Lunars themselves use antelopes and sables in their local cavalry.

I don't believe there is an identifiable Elmal presence in Sun County.

>Also i wonder if there is a possibility that Elmal during the years has
>been reforged with Mahome and created a female sun goddess (Elome)
>mythically married to Barntar, the male earth god? The existence of this
>goddess could explain why the Sun County deem it a crime if male yelmalions
>disguise themselves as women, as Yelmalio is a rival to Elome.

Groovy theory, though not as loopy as Peter Metcalfe's hazia-crazed Somashi transvestite theory which I have emblazoned in my heart.

>As Garhound is locally known to be the birthplace of Ernalda which means
>that there should be at least a major temple there and quite a lot of
>priestesses there, i think that women directly rule most of the domestic
>stuff and indirectly influence a lot of everything else.

This is what those ambitious little souls at Garhound Tourist Board tell everyone, no doubt. It's a shame all those Earth Mother Sno-Globes you can get at the souvenir stand have 'Made in Kralorela' stamped on 'em...

Garhound was settled by Sartarite immigrants around the time of the founding of New Pavis. For more information, see 'Sun County'.

Lotsa Lunars

Paul Stolar:
    > Has anyone compiled all of the Lunar Empire info which has been
    > bandied about. A friend wants to start a Lunar campaign.

You're in luck! The next issue of Tales of the Reaching Moon is a Lunar Special! I'm not sure where you're mailing in from, so ask if you need to know where to subscribe.



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