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Paul Stolar:

> Has anyone compiled all of the Lunar Empire info which has been
> bandied about. A friend wants to start a Lunar campaign.

There are some articles on the web: Loren Miller's and David Dunham's
homepages are good places to start looking. Alas the Search Engines
for the digest archives are down and I don't know when they will be

Definitive Printed Sources for the Lunar Empire:

The Lunar Wane Chronicles: These appeared in Wyrms Footprints and
Heroes (some back issues of the latter may be available from Avalon
Hill). They contain the history of the Lunar Empire upon the fifth

The Fortunate Succession: A history of the Emperors of Dara Happa.
As Moonson is the latest (the history was complied to glorify him),
a lot of detail is given about the History of the Lunar Empire.
Also includes other Emperor lists including that of the Bestial

Lunar Empire Writeup: From the Genertela boxed set. An almost
comprehensive list of the myriad places within the Lunar Empire.
The Basic framework of the Lunar Political Organisation is given

Seven Mothers Cult Writeup: from Cults of Prax (although an updated
one will probably be seen in the next tales).

Real Deep Background Material:

The Glorious ReAscent of Yelm: Contains the Gods Age myths of the
Dara Happan Empire of which the Lunar Empire is the latest mask and
the Star Lore of Peloria (Celestial Objects are Important within
the Lunar Empire).

Entekosiad: Background material behind the Goddess Entekos. This
details the origin of 'new ways' behind the Lunar Empire.

Special Warning: These sources have significant bias.

Future Material:

Tales #16 is going to be a Lunar Special.

The Lunar Novel will contain details of the latest lunar philosopy
formed during the Restoration Era (ie after Sheng had been dragged
off to the pits of perdition and people had time to learn how to
read again).

However if your friend could supply us with a bit more info about
where within the Lunar Empire that he plans to set his campaign,
more relevant information can be supplied.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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