The Glorious Lunar Way

From: David Cake (
Date: Wed 09 Oct 1996 - 05:37:10 EEST

> Has anyone compiled all of the Lunar Empire info which has been
> bandied about. A friend wants to start a Lunar campaign.

        Its pretty futile to try and compile ALL of it. As Peter has
pointed out, the best sources currently available are the Genertela book
and the Lunar history articles (available in old Wyrms footnotes and Heroes
magazines only).
        The Pelorian Prosopaedia is a useful compilation of most of the
important deities of Peloria, including most of the major Lunar ones. I
have just stuck up a latest version of it, though the changes are very
minor. There are also a few less generally useful sources on my web page,
mostly for those going through the Solar myth sources(which I would
recommend at least a passing familiarity with for a Lunar campaign).
        I would like to get the Prosopaedia project actually temporarily
finished (in a state where I can freeze it pending a new source of Lunar
info). Accordingly, I invite the help of the digest in resolving a few
outstanding issues, some of which are editorial, and some of which relate
to comments on earlier drafts. Please, I welcome your feedback on the
following questions -
        Do modern Pelorians acknowledge the 'classic' (ie God Learnerish)
Celestial Court, or only the one from GRoY?
        Are the Lowfires known in Peloria (Oakfed, Gustbran, Mahome)? I
personally tend slightly towards them being yet another thing that comes
from Saird, but I have also heard that Gustbran is originally Manirian and
Oakfed Praxian. I would appreciate a few opinions.
        Should I take the bit about Yelorna out? The bit about her being
worshipped in Jarst is speculation from my game. She has been otherwise
described as originating in Ralios and Prax.
        Can anyone nominate anything that is missing?
        And I am still unsatisfied with the writeups of a few important
beings - Idovanus, for example. Contributions welcome.

Pam said
> try to avoid
>the Latin/Roman association for DH, as it carries many society and
>empire connotations which I don't think match very well. (ie, slave
>economies, worship of the emperor, classical architecture etc.)

        I thought both classical architecture and worship of the emperor
WERE features of Dara Happa. I am quite sure that Greg thinks recent Dara
Happan architecture has a distinctly classical bent (more on this in
disgusting detail if anyone cares - just let me know). And I know they
don't worship the Emperor in quite the same way as the Romans did, but the
Red Emperor certainly is worshipped, and the Emperor has always been at
least a semi-divine avatar of a worshipped god. Though there are certainly
differences - in Rome Empire worship was strongest in the outlying
provinces (possibly because those in the capital could actually see the
Emperor, which often made it hard to believe in his divinity), while in the
Lunar Empire it is strongest in the capital.
        In any case I certainly agree that the Lunar Empire is not a slave

Rob said
>Of course, from those perspectives, the seven goddesses themselves
>are all Masks of the One, who is named Sedenya (unless you're a freaking
>all-out mystic and insist that Sedenya herself is but another Mask).

        I knew there was a name for the one true moon goddess, but I
definately did not think that name was 'Sedenya'. Sedenya was the name for
a particular mask, the red moon of antiquity. The idea that there is a
great goddess behind the mask is a pretty important part of Lunar theology,
I think. I can't remember the name I thought was the goddess behind the

mask offhand - <quickly nips home, gets very obscure gloranthan source> -
ah, Tareltara. Of course, Greg has probably changed his mind on this.




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