Dara Happa and the Latin/Roman Association

From: Anthony Bushell (Anthony.Bushell@anu.edu.au)
Date: Wed 09 Oct 1996 - 10:38:27 EEST

Pam said
> try to avoid
>the Latin/Roman association for DH, as it carries many society and
>empire connotations which I don't think match very well. (ie, slave
>economies, worship of the emperor, classical architecture etc.)

        I thought both classical architecture and worship of the emperor
WERE features of Dara Happa. I am quite sure that Greg thinks recent Dara
Happan architecture has a distinctly classical bent (more on this in
disgusting detail if anyone cares - just let me know).

        While the Latin features of the Lunar Empire are very obvious, I had
always looked on the Dara Happans as something more akin to the Persians of
the Great King and the invasions of Greece. Such an entity was a slave
economy, and one can see that the Lunar Empire is not based in this. It is
more the mode of attire and the great reverence that is given to the the
Great King in which I see the similarity. Of course, with the Lunar
Empire's general movement to assimilate other cultural groups the base
culture will become difficult to see beneath the layers gathered over the
decades. The features that I believe would stand out longest and most
obviously are clothing and the worship of the Emperor. After all this
culture is not being suppress by a conqueror, it is the conqueror.

        Just my thought on this



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