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Hi all

+ Solace
Malkion discovered Solace, so long as you follow his law you won't
The Brithini are his most faithful followers, they don't die of old
age as the other Malkioni do.
But if they are killed and not resurected, their soul is lost,
whether they were perfect follower of the law or not.

Hrestrol discovered the Joy of Heart.
If you die and you were a good Malkioni, your soul is not
destroyed but goes into Solace with the Creator (or the Invisible God).

I disagree with Joerg on the zebra creation and on the dominant
religion within the zebra nation.
The Issaries mules are sterile animals while the war zebras are

To make myself clear, when Pavis founded his city, he was allied to
the pure horse nation among others.
One of their leader tried to gain acceptance with the other nomads.
For that he mated horses with wild zebras and produced war zebras.
The war zebra are fertile but reproduce slowly. In order to increase
the number of mounts, the war zebras are crossbred with horses to have
cavalry zebras (those are sterile, like Issaries's mules).
This act created the zebra nation. Since many members came from the
pure horse nation, they kept their worship of the sky pantheon
(ie Yelm and his family). In addition, they began to worship Waha
and Eiritha.
The Pavis cavalry used cavalry zebras as mounts since they are more
adapted to the conditions in Prax than the horses.
When Pavis fell to the nomads, the Pavis cavalry was destroyed but
the zebra nation remained.
After the pure horse nation was expelled from Prax (the survivors
became the Grazers), the zebra nation had to raid the Pentan to
have horse in order to breed cavalry zebras.

I think that they kept their Yelm worship, if only to make a
difference with the ostrich nation that lost it.

After Dorasar founded New Pavis, he recreated the Pavis cavalry, and
once again the cavalry uses cavalry zebras as mounts. IMo they raise
fine horses in Pavis County in order to have fine cavalry zebras.



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