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David Cake works valiantly on his very helpful prospaedia. Here are my
opinions on his questions:

> Do modern Pelorians acknowledge the 'classic' (ie God Learnerish)
Celestial Court, or only the one from GRoY?

GRoY, GRoY, GRoY. Or, maybe even more likely - the Entekosiad.

I was surprised at how close GRoY and the Entekosiad were in feel re the
Creation and early deities. They just stessed different viewpoints.
This could be because:

1) they reflect What Really Happened. (Not very likely, but I had to
mention it...)
2) Dara Happa and Old Pelanda/Wendaria had a common origin (more likely,
given the Naveria myths)
3) Addi deliberately wrote/interpreted the Entekosiad to match the
already accepted GRoY.

Point is - GRoY & Entekosiad match, the God Learners account doesn't.

> Are the Lowfires known in Peloria (Oakfed, Gustbran, Mahome)?

I haven't heard them mentioned in either GRoY or Entekosiad, so my guess
is that they are not known - or at least not common. They may be known
in the more Theyalan areas, but my guess is that they are imports.
Those firey areas are more than adequately covered by Enverinus, the
fire aspect of Yelm, and by Lodril/Turos.

>Should I take the bit about Yelorna out? The bit about her being worshipped
in Jarst is speculation from my game. She has been otherwise described
as originating in Ralios and Prax.

My impression too - she's Praxian. I wouldn't put her in the
Heartlands, but she could have been imported by Arkats' troops or by the
EWF. I don't think she's at all common. She may have wierd links to
the Ourania cult, but only a God Learner would make much of it.

Aspects of Dara Happa

>DC: I am quite sure that Greg thinks recent Dara Happan architecture has a
distinctly classical bent (more on this in
disgusting detail if anyone cares - just let me know).

As always, please send all disgusting detail my way. (Unless it
involves Vadeli.) I had envisioned DH architecture more like Persian or
Assyrian. It could have evloved, I guess.

>And I know they don't worship the Emperor in quite the same way as the Romans
did, but the
Red Emperor certainly is worshipped,

Agreed and agreed. The emperor is divine, but I don't think there's
evidence of actual worship of him by anything more than a few of those
high in the government - and I think that's particular to Moonson, as
the son of the RM. I don't think the old DH solar emperors were

themselves worshipped, except possibly during a few Yelmic ceremonies.

The DH noble PC's in my Alkoth game are also divine beings - just ask
them! But no one worships them. (Alas, how the world has fallen!)

Campaigns in the Lunar Empire -

Don't fall into the trap of thinking the empire is a safe and comfy
place. Here is a brief excerpt from the daily log of the Alkoth City
Guard, River Gate Post:

"Rounded up all foreigners appearing to be of the Kralori kind, on
suspicion of spreading disease. Young Khorvenus/House Urashmallek
questioned. Guilty found, taken to Erissa temple. Remainder thrown to
Mob, given over to the Purifier."

(This line is the the only record of the decision by the PC's and the
watch commander to appease the furious mob by handing them the innocent
foreigners. All notes of safe conduct from the Etyries cult were
carefully stuffed into the tunics of the foreigners before the crowd
tore them to peices.)

Happy Gaming!



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