Earthly Analogues

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Thu 10 Oct 1996 - 02:14:02 EEST

Anthony Bushell:

> While the Latin features of the Lunar Empire are very obvious, I had
>always looked on the Dara Happans as something more akin to the Persians of
>the Great King and the invasions of Greece. Such an entity was a slave
>economy, and one can see that the Lunar Empire is not based in this.

I don't think Persia was a slave economy. It wasn't the only way of
running military superpowers in the classical age - Rome wasn't a slave
economy during the second punic war, frex. In any event, I'd always
thought the major model for Dara Happa was Babylon right down to the
last King Narbonidus (who favoured the Moon Goddess, Sin, over the
ruling god Marduk). Of course the chief historical differences is
that in Glorantha, Narbonidus/Moonson came after the Persian/Carmanian
Conquest, survived the Scythian/Sheng Seleris Invasion before undergoing
a renaissance under the direction of the Alexandrian Hellenistics/
Magnificiant Carmanians.

Of course, the Lunar Empire also steals from the Romans, the Phoenecians
(the classical-looking statue of Emperor Kumarstyu in the Fortunate
Succession is actually that of Ba'al Hammon), the Indians (Ulawaran
Erotic Scupltures seen in the Entekosiad). Of course, I always think
that the Narmer Palette should be used in Alkoth to depict the Glorious
Emperor (Clean shaven, Low Crown of Alkoth and a Big Mace) beating up Mr
Fuzzy Wuzzy Ram Person from the Wop wops of Kerofinela. All this goes
to show is that exact parallels are a complete waste of time...

Jean Duprut:

>Malkion discovered Solace, so long as you follow his law you won't die.

Malkion the Lawgiver showed how people to live forever within the
Laws of the Creator but I don't think this was Solace. More details
are available at Nick Brooke's Web Page.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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