Planetary Metaphysics

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Thu 10 Oct 1996 - 03:18:24 EEST

David Cake:

> I knew there was a name for the one true moon goddess, but I
>definately did not think that name was 'Sedenya'. [...] I can't
>remember the name I thought was the goddess behind the mask offhand
>- <quickly nips home, gets very obscure gloranthan source> - ah,

And what of Rufelza? However if your celestial metaphysics are
more Aristolean (Ideas are merely concepts to describe the Planets)
than Platonic (the Planets embody the Ideals), then the Red Moon
(or the Red Goddess) should be good enough for anybody.

- --Peter 'in search of some decent hemlock' Metcalfe


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