brolia & calendars

From: Carlson, Pam (
Date: Thu 10 Oct 1996 - 02:33:00 EEST

Happy Andrew adds another important service to the Empire: Bat Kibble!

 How could I have forgotten? And the best part is that the
qualifications are pretty easy to meet...


I am going to attempt to devise a Dara Happan four season calendar, with
ten seven day weeks per season, plus a two week Sacred Time between
winter and spring.

7 days X 10 weeks = 70 days

70 days X 4 seasons = 280 days

280 days + 14 days (sacred time) = 294 days.

Following Peter Metcalf's long ago suggestion, I am planning to name
weeks after the escapades of the Young God in the Sky. (Frex, in Fan
Week he rises in the Fan.) I would love some further input,
(especially because there aren't forty things listed ont he celestisl
chart horizon!) and any ideas people have for appropriate holidays for
any of the Dara Happan deities.

I am pretty unclear on how other cults would interact with the solar
calendar. Frex, do Oria's holidays have anything to do with the
journies of the Young God? Lodril's? Naveria's? Help!



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